Climate Change Is Fueling a Public Health Crisis. Doctors Need to Address This – Scientific American

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Climate Change

During the most recent conference of my professional organization, my colleague Amanda Dilger and I encouraged our fellow clinicians in attendance to offset the carbon cost of their travel. This was in addition to a panel in which we explained to a small crowd of surgeons that climate change is a health issue. Amanda and I are otolaryngologists, but we are also climate activists.
Before starting the panel, I was unsure about how it would be received by my fellow surgeons, as climate change had rarely been discussed at these meetings. But my colleagues who walked up to the mic after our talk asked the kinds of questions that told me they understood this environmental health issue and the need for hospitals to be more sustainable. As for offsetting the carbon cost of their travel, which admittedly has its own limitations as a climate mitigating action, the responses were more varied. Most of the people gave us a smile or thumbs-up as they walked away. We took that as passive support for climate action. A few gave encouraging verbal responses of “we need more of this,” while some just said the word “no” and quickly escaped.
While climate change poses an urgent …

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