Cloud security challenges and solutions: A tale of 2 tales

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Technology

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IT and network security face a lot of struggles when migrating or deploying a workload to a public cloud. To be successful in today’s complex environments, each side must understand how the current challenges came about in order to solve them. Having lived on both sides of the fence, I offer stories from each perspective, along with lessons that cloud security pros can build from today.

Prequel: Harmony in the DMZ

IT and network security has always been a challenging space. Balancing budget, cost, app performance, app time-to-market and system stability has always been both a major headache and a delicate balancing act. Not to mention the constantly evolving threatscape, where crime does pay and the bad guys get all the coolest weapons first. To top it off, a major failure can be a “resume generating event” for many.

Yet, despite all these challenges, by the early 2010s the industry had stabilized into a mature, effective space, due to factors like Moore’s law, virtualization, vendor maturity and enterprise-grade cryptography. Back then, the DMZ was king. Here, internet access could be easily controlled, critical apps and infrastructure were locked up tight, uniform policy had a strong anchor point, and centralized visibility was all but guaranteed.

Under the iron shield of the DMZ, the industry prospered, ecommerce and mobility exploded, and people finally trusted the internet as the best way to do business. The golden age of the internet was born. Sure, the hackers were out there, and cybercrime was on the rise, but a well-designed DMZ could withstand all but the most sophisticated attacks. The future was bright, and IT security was one of the hottest jobs out there.

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