Compliance is one of today’s biggest competitive differentiators — here’s why

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Technology

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At its heart, corporate and regulatory compliance is cut and dry. It detects violations of rules and guards against them, protecting your organization from fines and lawsuits, and it helps build barriers against cybercrime. It spans both internal policies and procedures, as well as external federal and state laws. But corporate compliance isn’t just about managing immediate risk from bad actors — it’s essential for the long-term growth of the company, says Cristina Bartolacci, strategic compliance architect at Laika.

“There’s a lot of emphasis right now on ensuring you’re operating in a capacity that has both operational and technical security in mind, so that you can scale your organization and prove to potential partners, or anybody who is going to be using your product or service, that you’re taking risks seriously,” says Bartolacci. “It’s kind of like this gold standard of operational effectiveness.”

Why build a compliance program?

There are huge benefits to building a solid compliance program early on in a company’s growth process, as it lets you grow and mature those controls over time, as the company’s needs and external factors changes. While it might initially be a big lift, it sets up an organization for a more seamless compliance journey when it’s operationalized and ingrained in the co …

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