Democrat John Fetterman Vows To Fight ‘Corporate Greed’ In Final Pre-Election Rally

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Politics

PITTSBURGH ― As the opening notes of Styx’s classic “Renegade” came over the loudspeaker on Monday night, John Fetterman slowly descended from the balcony of the events space at the Carpenters Union Hall.He gently waved a flag of the Carpenters and Joiners Union in his hand as he made his way through the crowd and up to the stage for his final rally before voters head to the polls Tuesday. The chorus came on just as he reached the stage, “The jig is up / the news is out / They’ve finally found me.”AdvertisementThe procession and musical accompaniment ― a song that Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, saves for rallies in Pittsburgh alone ― had a momentous, graduation-like vibe. Less than six months after surviving a nearly fatal stroke, Fetterman, currently Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, had made it to the finish line in his contest against Republican Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon who became a daytime TV star. In his remarks to a room filled with union members and other local supporters, Fetterman offered many of his by-now familiar riffs about protecting abortion rights, defending the “union way of life” and sending Oz back to New Jersey from whence he came.But he also laid out a closing economic argument that he has been emphasizing more in his speeches in recent weeks. AdvertisementFetterman claimed that Oz’s wealth, embodied by his ownership of 10 mansions, makes it impossible for him to really understand how inflation is affecting ordinary people.“Inflation is a tax on working people,” Fetterman declared. “You can’t fight inflation if you don’t understand it.”Echoing congressional Democrats, Fetterman promised to fight “corporate greed” and “price gouging.”“Inflation hurts all of us, but why does that lead to record profits for corporate America?” Fetterman demanded.Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania, speaks at a rally alongside former President Donald Trump in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.Jacqueline Larma/Associated PressHe also linked inflation to the supply-chain …

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