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by | Nov 6, 2022 | Education

CBC Editorial: Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022; editorial #8801The following is the opinion of Capitol Broadcasting CompanyFor a third time in the last 25 years the state Supreme Court concluded North Carolina’s governmental leaders still fail to keep the State Constitution’s right that EVERY child has access to a quality education.The decision isn’t about the legislature. It isn’t about the governor. It’s not even about power or money.It is about our children and the future of our state. It is about keeping a promise, enshrined in the state constitution going back to 1868 – and repeatedly affirmed since then.There is no more time to delay. Gov. Roy Cooper needs to move immediately, to make good on his reaction to Friday’s court ruling to “do more for our students all across North Carolina.” Those words are empty unless backed by action.The governor doesn’t need to wait on further action by the courts to issue an executive order to the State Board of Education and the State Office of Budget and Management” to develop the specific plans for implementation of the comprehensive remedial plan that the late Judge David Lee issued a year ago – and the high court affirmed.In her majority opinion, Justice Robin Hudson made it clear there’s been enough talk and enough legal wheel-spinning.“For a quarter-century, the judiciary has deferred to the executive and legislative branches to remedy this statewide constitutional violation. Yet overwhelming evidence clearly demonstrates that it persists today,” Hudson said on behalf of t …

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