Farewell To The 2022 Class Of MAGA Weirdos

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Politics

By almost any metric, Democrats had a good night Tuesday. But credit should go where credit is due — and in no small part, it’s due to Donald Trump, for elevating a mostly underqualified and deeply strange roster of conspiracy theorists, election deniers and weirdos in some of the nation’s most important electoral contests.It turns out that Trump-endorsed nominees didn’t need Democrats to cancel out their “red tsunami,” a violent metaphor for a Republican wave that never materialized. They did it (mostly) by themselves. Tuesday’s various election outcomes suggest that moderates, independents and even some partisans just want normal, boring candidates to represent them in office again ― not the extremists and wannabe celebrities who ended up on the GOP ticket in many states.AdvertisementPeople in politics like to use the term “candidate quality” to diplomatically critique poor candidates. Even by Trump GOP standards, candidate quality was sorely lacking this election cycle.That’s why we’ll never forget the MAGA Class of 2022. Don’t ever change!Mehmet Oz had trouble selling voters on his ties to Pennsylvania. via Associated PressMost Likely To Never Again Set Foot In The State Where They RanCelebrity surgeon Mehmet Oz had a hard time convincing voters that he was actually from the state he hoped to represent in Washington. The GOP’s Senate nominee in Pennsylvania did not help his case when, the weekend before the election, he urged voters to “contact 10 people before the Steelers game” — although no such game was happening that weekend. At least this blunder didn’t involve a “Wegner’s.”Oz isn’t the first candidate to move somewhere just to run for office. Yet he could never seem to shake the “carpetbagger” label, or the sense that his commitment to this state was anything more than flimsy. It’s seen as a big reason that Oz lost to Democrat John Fetterman on Tuesday.AdvertisementOz actually did live in the Keystone State for a time, but it was as a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania. Oz’s in-laws are also from the Philly suburbs, and Oz rented their home to live in during the campaign. Many voters (including noted non-Pennsylvania resident Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi) seemed to understand that Oz’s real home was actually a mansion on the Hudson River in New Jersey. Or any one of his dozen-plus other properties not in Pennsylvania.In the primary, both Oz and hedge fund executive David McCormick sought Trump’s endorsement. Trump went with the entertainer, reportedly at the urging of his wife Melania, a fan of Oz’s show. In the end, all it may cost Republicans is the Senate majority.Doug Mastriano underperformed other nominees on the GOP ticket in Pennsylvania.Carolyn Kaster/Associated PressMost Likely To Never Win Another GOP NominationFew candidates were as disappointing for Republicans as Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. With just 42% of the vote against Democrat Josh Shapiro, …

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