Fractal unveils interconnected AI platform to automate decision-making for CPG, manufacturing and retail

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Technology

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More than ever, consumer goods, manufacturing and retail brands are having to rely heavily on their technology to unlock value – with the artificial intelligence (AI) retail market alone set to hit $31 billion by 2028. However, because of the immense fragmentation that exists across the AI ecosystem, businesses in the retail and CPG categories are unable to drive the business impact they are looking for from their technology stacks. 

To tackle these silos head-on, Mumbai and San Francisco-based Fractal AI developed an end-to-end AI platform, dubbed Asper AI, that enables interconnected and automated decisions between demand and supply. By changing the way decisions are made, Asper aims to unlock growth and transform organizations into adaptive intelligent enterprises. 

Through its autonomic decisioning platform, Asper unifies demand planning, sales and distribution, inventory planning, and pricing and promotion. It works with data to not only provide proactive decisions, but to provide decisions that help customers reach their potential – from their bottom-line results to optimizing their workflows.

“Business success today is defined by how quickly and seamlessly brands are able to make decisions,” said Mohit Agarwal, CEO of Asper. “Unfortunately, brands — especially in CPG — find their efforts constantly undermined by disconnected technology that inhibits their success, not empowers it. Without interconnectedness, the future AI technologies promise, since they debuted decades ago, would still be distant, instead of right here, right now. Asper looks to solve these challenges by driving interconnectedness through its autonomous decisioning platform.”  

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