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by | Nov 7, 2022 | Business

You do not have to compromise your health for your business, nor is it advisable to. Your fitness will not wait for you to reach that milestone or sell your company, it will have left the building and require extensive effort to get back. It’s very possible to thrive in sport and business and many entrepreneurs do it well. But how do you organise both? How do you split your days and find the time?Got a business and a sport? Here’s how to do both well. getty

Here are 7 considerations for thriving in sport and business at the same time.

Guard the boundaries
In the gym, at the track or on the court, you are an athlete. In a meeting, on a stage or at your laptop, you are a business owner. Wear one hat at a time and guard the boundaries between the two. Don’t be thinking about this afternoon’s run while you’re working on your business; don’t be checking your emails while you’re in the gym.

For two parts of you to be at your best, each one must have its own space to rule. That means no multitasking and no blurring of lines. One at a time, because blending is a false economy.

Acknowledge the benefits
It’s easy to think of committing to both business and sport as a chore. When you’re sore from training and you’re booked with a client or you can’t get a work challenge out of your head when you should be focused on …

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