Holiday gift guide for the esports fan in your life

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Technology

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It can be intimidating to find the right gift for the esports fan in your life, especially if you’re not one yourself. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. No matter what your platform of choice is to climb the ladder or your budget, here are some ideas to add to your shopping list this holiday season.

Gaming PC Building services: NZXT Starter PC

Price: $949+ on NZXT

To build or to buy, that is the question. While PC enthusiasts might steer you towards building one, I’d recommend buying something pre-built for a gift. NZXT makes the process as painless as possible.

The Foundation series might be the ticket if you plan on upgrading components, but otherwise the Starter Series is a strong pick for gamers who are just starting out. While the basic starter PC is a solid choice, upgrading the to the Starter Plus will get you an upgraded graphics card.

Mouse: Glorious Gaming – Model O

Price: $50 on Glorious Gaming / $44 $64 on Amazon

There are four key factors to look for when shopping for a mouse for competitive gaming: light weight, a wired connection, button arrangements and, of course, style.

The Model O is a great all-around pick. The honey comb design is the star, both adding to the form factor and cutting down weight. At just 67 grams, it’s no wonder that Glorious Gaming is particularly popular with FPS fans.

For the MMO or MOBA player in your life, you may want to consider the Model I which has additional programmable buttons.

At the time of writing, the mouse is on sale on Amazon, but if style is a major factor it might be worth ordering from Glorious directly. The company website has additional customization options (for a fee) like an additional cable in your player’s favorite color.

Keyboard: Higround – Basecamp 65

Price: $135+ on Higround

Compared to other gaming keyboards, Higround’s offerings are meant to be statement pieces. Sure they have the RBGs we all know and love, but the limited branding and flashy keycaps are the stars. It’s part of the reason why esports organization and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves bought the manufacturer in 2021.

Higround is influenced by streetwear and sneaker brands both in terms of style and sales practices. The company frequently releases drops and capsule collections in limited quantities.

While the Basecamp keyboard isn’t explicitly designed for experts and modders, there are features for them. The keyboards come with the tools necessary to swap out keys and switches as you see fit.

Mechanical keyboards do have the reputation of being loud, but fear not. Higround’s silicone dampening helps the keyboard feel weighty and cuts down on the sound.

One major downside is that the keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest.

Wrist Rest: HyperX – Wrist Rest + Mouse Rest

Price: $20 + $15 on Amazon

Whether you’re sitting at a desk for work or gaming, it’s important to make your set up as ergonomic as possible. Wrist pain is both extremely common and no fun. Especially for aspiring pros, it’s important to take preventative steps.

One of the easiest (and cost effective) ways to do this is through a wrist rest. HyperX makes a great product both for your keyboard and your mouse. If you’re only going to get one, I’d recommend the keyboard option, but it depends on your playstyle.

The keyboard rest comes in different sizes so be sure to pick the one that works best for your setup.

Console controllers: Scuf Gaming

Price: $230 on Amazon for Xbox

Scuf gaming is legendary in console-based FPS titles. Scuf controllers are highly customizable for both aesthetics and performance. The sticks can be swapped out for different styles to maximize precision and comfort. They’re performance products designed for dedicated player …

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