How automation helps secure the CI/CD pipeline, Buildkite raises $21M 

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Technology

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Automation is one capability no continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline can do without. With research showing that 44% of developers use CI/CD in their workflow, automation is becoming crucial to ensure companies have the time to test the stability of code produced before its release. 

That’s why more and more vendors are looking to equip developers with tools to automatically test the quality of code before it’s produced. Just today, build runner provider, Buildkite, announced it has raised $21 million in series B funding for a solution that can automatically identify bad code in builds. 

Buildkite’s new platform is designed to enable product engineers to automatically build, test, and deploy software at scale, while hosting their testing and deployment pipelines on their infrastructure. 

Automating application security and the CI/CD pipeline

The announcement comes as developers are struggling to keep up with the demands of modern development with manual testing approaches, with 67% of app developers shipping code with known vulnerabilities. 

One of the core challenges of maintaining a CI/CD pipeline is that innovation often takes precedence over security, reflected by the fact that 86% of developers do not view application security as a top priority when writing code. 

Unfortunately, the presence of any vulnerability can put a vendor’s entire product ecosystem, and its customer’s systems, at risk of intrusions and data breaches. 

“In modern software companies, it’s a hard requirement to have the tooling to validate changes and verify code works before sharing it with end users and consumers. Broken applications mean a loss of revenue, customers, and competitive advantage,” said Keith Pitt, CEO and cofounder of Buildkite. 

“Most often changes are validated, tested, staged, and deployed using CI/CI pipelined. Buildkite provides the most flexible and user-friendly solution to build and deploy pipelines,” Pitt said. 

In addition to helping to automate the testing process, BuildKite provide …

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