How hybrid access-as-a-service (HAaaS) from Cloudbrink protects hybrid workforces

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Technology

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Hybrid work wasn’t just a mini-trend or a temporary solution amidst the pandemic: It has fundamentally transformed the workplace — and dramatically broadened the attack surface. 

According to Splunk’s State of Security 2022 report, 78% of security and IT leaders say that remote workers are harder to secure, and 65% of organizations have reported an uptick in attacks during the pandemic. 

For 83% of companies, it’s not if a data breach occurs, but when, says IBM, whose annual study found that the average cost of a cloud data breach is at an all-time high of $4.35 million. 

Still, the traditional enterprise design of networks and their security have focused on providing the best performance for users that are in-office, said Prakash Mana, CEO and cofounder of Cloudbrink. 

“However, the modern hybrid workforce now demands in-office-like lightning-fast access to Office365, Salesforce, Workday, SaaS and data center apps,” he said. “They also expect invisible zero-trust security wherever they are, and whatever network they are connected to.”

To help secure hybrid workforces, Cloudbrink today launched from stealth with a new tool and concept it is deeming hybrid access-as-a-service (HAaaS).

“We’ve spoken to hundreds of CIOs and CISOs who are struggling to resolve the twin problems of performance and security for the hybrid workforce,” said Mana. “They have found no existing solution that adequately addresses the performance issues.”

What is hybrid access-as-a-service (HAaaS)?

Cloudbrink describes HAaaS as a software-only service with built-in security that delivers access experiences for the modern hybrid workforce. 

The company’s tool transforms any home internet or cellular connection and provides a secure end-to-end connection built on dark network and zero-trust principles, said Mana. It replaces legacy VPN and SD-WAN architectures, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide edge-native HAaaS for cloud, SaaS and data center applications.

This reduces enterprise threat vect …

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