How natural language processing helps promote inclusivity in online communities

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Technology

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To create healthy online communities, companies need better strategies to weed out harmful posts. In this VB On-Demand event, AI/ML experts from Cohere and Google Cloud share insights into the new tools changing how moderation is done.

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Game players experience a staggering amount of online abuse. A recent study found that five out of six adults (18–45) experienced harassment in online multiplayer games, or over 80 million gamers. Three out of five young gamers (13–17) have been harassed, or nearly 14 million gamers. Identity-based harassment is on the rise, as is instances of white supremacist rhetoric.

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It’s happening in an increasingly raucous online world, where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced every day, making content moderation, always a tricky, human-based proposition, a bigger challenge than it’s ever been.

“Competing arguments suggest it’s not a rise in harassment, it’s just more visible because gaming and social media have become more popular — but what it really means is that more people than ever are experiencing toxicity,” says Mike Lavia, enterprise sales lead at Cohere. “It’s causing a lot of harm to people and it’s causing a lot of harm in the way it creates negative PR for gaming and other social communities. It’s also asking developers to balance moderation and monetization, so now develop …

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