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by | Nov 15, 2022 | Jobs

In Nomadland, the nomadic older adults take seasonal entry level jobs at Amazon, and are not looking … [+] to advance. But as a major new study demonstrates, most entry level workers at Amazon and other large American companies seek to move up and many are doing so.FlickFilosopher (A recently-released five year study by Burning Glass Institute, incorporating more than 3 million worker histories, shows considerable mobility of workers who start in non-professional positions such as retail clerk, logistics tech, customer service representative—far more mobility than commonly thought. And the authors set out ways companies can do more in skills and wage advancement.)

Has the labor market become increasingly stratified in recent years, so that workers without college degrees are unable to advance? Are workers who start in positions such as retail clerk, customer service rep, or logistics/warehouse worker, increasingly locked into these entry level, lower paid positions? And if so, what, if any, policies, might increase mobility? These questions are at the top of agenda of workforce groups today.

An extensive, multi-faceted, and nonpartisan study of worker mobility by Burning Glass Institute, issued in October, sheds light on these questions and other of how workers advance. The study, “The American Opportunity Index”, draws on the work histories of more than 3 million workers at America’s largest …

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