How zero trust closes security gaps in multicloud tech stacks

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Technology

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Mergers, acquisitions and private equity roll-ups combine companies to create new businesses, leading to more multicloud tech stacks and increased urgency to get zero trust right. Acquisitions nearly always also lead to tech stacks being integrated and consolidated, especially in cybersecurity. As a result, nearly all CISOs have consolidation plans on their roadmaps, up from 61% in 2021.

Ninety-six percent of CISOs also plan to consolidate their security platforms, believing that consolidating their tech stacks will help them avoid missing threats (57%) and reduce the need to find qualified security specialists (56%) while streamlining the process of correlating and visualizing findings across their threat landscape (46%). 

Cybersecurity vendors, including CrowdStrike, are achieving revenue growth by providing customers with a clear path to consolidating their tech stacks.

Why enterprises choose multicloud 

Multicloud is the de facto standard for cloud infrastructure, with 89% of enterprises adopting multicloud configurations, according to Flexera’s 2022 State of the Cloud Report. 

The most common motivations for enterprises to take a multicloud approach include improved availability; best-of-market innovations; compliance requirements; bargaining parity on cloud provider negotiations; and avoiding vendor lock-in. Large-scale enterprises also look to gain greater geographical coverage of their global operations. 

CIOs tell VentureBeat that it’s necessary today to build a business case that shows how multicloud infrastructure spending will increase cloud adoption, improve cost savings and contribute to revenue gains. Boards of directors and C-level governance teams want to understand how spending on multicloud strategies will be secure, make economic sense and help improve the business’s resiliency and responsiveness.  

Defining multicloud 

Gartner’s definition says, “a multicloud strategy is the deliberate use of cloud services from mu …

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