In Georgia, health workers prepare for busy winter season amid COVID-19 and influenza surge concerns – World Health Organization

by | Nov 21, 2022 | COVID-19

She explains that the influenza vaccine is effective in protecting against the virus, adding that administering the vaccine in October or November will have the biggest impact. “Influenza is widespread among older people. The risk of an influenza outbreak [as the cold season approaches] is high. An important part of the solution to this is the influenza vaccine.” As for the COVID-19 pandemic, Lela stresses that vaccination plays an important role. “I saw with my own eyes that people who were vaccinated had milder forms of COVID-19 and got well sooner. The unvaccinated suffered from severe forms of COVID-19 or died.” Although they are very different viruses, COVID-19 and influenza share some similarities. They are both respiratory diseases and can both cause serious illness or be life-threatening, especially for those who are older, pregnant, living with an underlying health condition such as heart disease, or employed as a health worker. Health workers like Lela are highly susceptible to COVID-19 and influenza infections due to their profession. They risk both getting ill themselves and spreading these diseases to vulnerable patients. Moreover, as health workers are a primary and trusted source of information, if they are positive about vaccination, their patients might be more likely to get vaccinated too.Yet COVID-19 vaccine uptake has varied among health workers across the WHO European Reg …

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