InfluxDB simplifies working with time-series data with revamped script editor and more

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Technology

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San Francisco-based InfluxData, the company behind InfluxDB platform, today announced new feature updates to help developers easily work with time series data for building real-time IoT, analytics and cloud applications.

Time series data is a sequence of information indexed over a period of time. These time-stamped data points typically consist of successive measurements made from the same source and are used to track changes to key business aspects (like sales). To this end, platforms like InfluxDB come into play, helping enterprises mobilize the data and build applications for analyzing it, detecting patterns and making predictions.

InfluxDB provides organizations with two key components: a time series engine to ingest millions of data points – metrics, events, logs, traces – from different sources and a set of APIs & tools to easily transform, understand and visualize it. The latter includes a RESTful API, client libraries, a script editor and Flux, a functional, open-source data scripting language for query, analysis, action on the data.

With the latest update, announced at the ongoing InfluxDays event, the company is focusing on enhancing this tooling bit of its platform, making it easier for developers to use.

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β€œAt InfluxData, we strive to facilitate as many options as possible to make the experience of building applications with time series data fast and efficient for every use case,” Rick Spencer, VP of products at Inf …

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