It Takes Two: Porting 2021’s game of the year to Switch

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Technology

It Takes Two was one of the most successful games of 2021, selling over 7 million copies and winning game of the year at The Game Awards. Now, Turn Me Up Games is getting ready to release its Switch port of Hazelight Studio’s big hit on November 4.

That comes with some major challenges. The Switch, while a huge seller, is aging hardware that was never as powerful its competition. That hasn’t stopped studios from trying to port hits to Nintendo’s latest console, but we have seen mixed results.

I had a chance to talk with Josef Fares, Hazelight Founder and It Takes Two director, and Turn Me Up Games executive producer Scott Cromie about the porting process. Below is an edited transcription of our talk.

GamesBeat: Was the Switch port conceived in the early stages of the game?

Josef Fares: Not really? We talked a bit about it, but we felt we needed to focus. We felt that the focus should be on the current gen consoles. It’s very important that we don’t change anything in the vision because of hardware that wasn’t up to speed at that time. More consoles are obviously more time-consuming. But that’s why I’m very impressed when I see the port. It’s a really nice port. It’s one of the best third party ports I’ve seen.

GamesBeat: What were some of the biggest …

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