Living With Climate Change: The right way to recycle on National Recycling Day and any day

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Stock Market

More and more U.S. communities have recycling programs and many households appear to be on board with separating trash from the mostly paper and plastic that can have a second or third life. With our current habits, however, the U.S. remains pretty poor at recycling, choosing the wrong items for the special bins and not doing our part to clean the old containers. More tips on that, below.

And before anyone starts finger-pointing to other parts of the world, plastic waste generated annually per person varies from 221 kilograms in the U.S. and 114 kg in European countries, to 69 kg, on average, for Japan and South Korea, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. For sure, the world is producing twice as much plastic waste as it was just 20 years ago, with the bulk of it ending up in landfills, incinerated in open pits or making its way into the environment, from ocean habitats to our own respiratory and digestive systems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers this explainer on the benefits of recycling. The EPA also advises how to recycle oil, tech waste and other challenging items. Plastics for food safety, medical applications and other advanced uses can save lives, but it’s single-use and other convenience packaging that deserves more attention. That’s especially true as the world has just topped 8 billion people, according to United Nations forecasts — double the population of just 48 years ago. Opinion: 8 billion people: Four ways climate change and population growth combine to threaten public health, with global consequences In a survey conducted as part of the Ocean Cons …

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