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by | Nov 3, 2022 | Climate Change

This is the Nov. 3, 2022, edition of Boiling Point, a weekly newsletter about climate change and the environment in California and the American West. Sign up here to get it in your inbox.The climate crisis is the biggest story of our time. So why isn’t the entertainment industry acting like it?You’d think liberal Hollywood types — with their Teslas and vegan diets and eco-friendly beauty products — would be chomping at the bit to tell stories about climate. But despite a few high-profile examples — such as “Don’t Look Up” — global warming is largely absent from nearly all the TV shows and movies being produced today, according to a new report out of USC.AdvertisementThe Media Impact Project at USC’s Norman Lear Center analyzed 37,453 scripted television episodes and films released from 2016 through 2020. Researchers found that just 2.8% of those scripts included any mention of climate change — or a long list of related keywords, such as “greenhouse gas,” “sea level,” “clean energy” and “fossil fuel.” The word “dog” was mentioned almost 13 times as often as all 36 climate keywords put together.It’s a collective failure of epic proportions — not just for human civilization, but also for TV and film audiences.“As the crisis worsens and more Americans gain first-hand experience to climate change, stories that do not acknowledge climate will begin to feel irrelevant or divorced from reality,” the report states. “Telling climate stories is not just good for the planet, it is in the best interest of an industry that seeks to engage audiences through authentic characters and narratives.”As a journalist deep in the climate trenches — and a young person concerned for my own future — I agree that we …

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