Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney Blames Himself — And Hochul — For His Defeat

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Politics

New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, House Democrats’ campaign chair, apologized to supporters on Thursday afternoon for losing his own reelection race — but also said that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s sluggish showing hurt him and other Democrats down the ballot.“I’m sorry we couldn’t deliver a win for you on Tuesday,” Maloney, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said on a recording of an emotional conference call obtained exclusively by HuffPost. “That’s my fault, and it’s despite the fact that I’ve got an amazing team of just dedicated, wonderful people who have made me so much better than I would have been all by myself.”AdvertisementAddressing the group of donors, Democratic activists and labor union officials, Maloney noted that House Democrats outperformed expectations overall and were on track to hold Republicans to a very narrow majority. Maloney lost to Republican challenger and New York Assemblymember Mike Lawler by less than a percentage point.Describing his disappointment, Maloney said he “couldn’t tell you what it means” to him that his seat was not among those the party won. “I’m also clear that New York was an outlier. And I’m sure I bear some measure of responsibility for that, too.”Two super PACs aligned with House Republicans spent more than $10 million attacking Maloney in a seat that Biden carried by 10 percentage points in 2020.“If the money they threw at us and the fact that I wasn’t as focused on the race as I should have been, because I was focused on [House Democrats’ overall performance], if it translated into saving a bunch of Democrats, and by extension, kind of breathing life back into this notion that there’s enough of us out there who care about our country that we can still win as a national party, well, then it was worth it,” said Maloney, his voice cracking with emotion.AdvertisementBut Maloney also argued that by performing so poorly in the suburbs outside of New York City, Hochul bears some responsibility for the drubbing that House Democrats like him …

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