Snowflake announces plans to improve query performance, collaboration

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Technology

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As global organizations continue to double down on data-driven decision-making, Snowflake is doing everything it can to make its data cloud their preferred “platform of choice.”

At its annual Snowday event, the Montana-based company – known for handling both data warehouse and data lake needs (among other workloads) – announced improvements to its platform’s key elements such as the elastic performance engine and Snowgrid technology. The move, it said, will provide enterprises with a faster querying experience for improving overall data cloud economics as well as streamlined collaboration capabilities. 

“Our success is predicated on our customers being successful when using Snowflake, which is why we continually strive to deliver improved performance and economic value for customers,” Christian Kleinerman, senior vice president of product at Snowflake, said. “With one single product, we can innovate faster, and deliver improvements that enable our customers with a unified experience across clouds and regions, so they can protect their data at cloud scale, operate more efficiently, and collaborate globally in new ways to further mobilize their data.”

Improvements for faster queries, saving money

Snowflake’s elastic performance engine, which is basically the heart of the platform, is getting a much-needed query acceleration service. The feature, currently in public preview,  will help enterprises accelerate parts of outsized queries (queries that use more resources than typical ones) by providing a burst of additional resources without need …

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