Swaarm focuses on privacy-enabled user acquisition for mobile games

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Technology

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Usually, privacy and advertising don’t go well together. The more you know about someone, the better you can target ads at them.

But Swaarm saw the writing on the wall when Apple proposed privacy restrictions for third-party ads in mid-2020 and then implemented the change in the spring of 2021. And so it came up with privacy-enabled user acquisition technologies. That is one reason Swaarm, which was founded in October 2020 after the changes were announced, was able to get a seven-figure round of funding this summer.

No longer are advertisers targeting a particular user in Manhattan on a particular phone with a particular internet protocol address — unless the user has specifically opted in to give them that information for a particular app. By making it clear that users have to opt-in, Apple (and at some point later, Google) has put a stop to this kind of exact targeting in the name of protecting user privacy. That is, Apple no longer allows IDFA data to be shared with third parties without clear consent.

Since only a minority of users are giving that consent, the privacy push has been disruptive for mobile game developers and publishers, who previously relied on the data to target billions of dollars in user-acquisition spending to keep players …

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