The Best National Parks To Visit In The Winter

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Travel

When people plan their national parks vacations, they typically don’t target the winter season. But the low-traffic cooler months are actually a perfect time to visit many parks across the U.S.“Winter is such an underrated time of year to visit the national parks if you’re willing to put in some extra time planning around seasonal closures and packing those winter clothes,” Jim Pattiz, co-founder of the organization More Than Just Parks, told HuffPost.AdvertisementOf course, some parks are better suited for winter visits than others. We asked experts to share the national parks they believe are best to explore during the winter season.Sequoia National Park Digital Vision. via Getty Images“Without a doubt my favorite national park to visit in the winter is Sequoia National Park in California,” Pattiz said. “Walking through a grove of the park’s magnificent giant sequoias draped in feet of white snow is truly an awe-inspiring experience. The crowds and frequent wildfires of summer are long gone here and replaced by the serene quiet of snow dropping from overburdened branches and the wind gently passing through the giant trees’ upper canopies.”He noted that many of the park’s roads are closed seasonally, so it’s important to check the website ahead of time to ensure you can reach the specific destinations you want to visit.Advertisement“Be flexible and bring your best winter clothing!” Pattiz added.Everglades National Park Douglas Rissing via Getty Images“So many people make Florida their summer vacation spot because it’s a convenient time for a family getaway. However, it is not a good time to visit Everglades National Park,” said national parks travel expert Mikah Meyer.This impressive wetlands ecosystem is located just outside Miami, and as Meyer alluded to, the area’s summer heat, humidity and swarms of mosquitos make it less enjoyable to visit during that time of year compared to other months.“Having spent time in every section of the park in January, I can confirm it is an entirely different ― and pleasant ― experience,” he said. “The lower temperatures make every activity more enjoyable, including it being more comfortable to wear long pants on a muddy ‘slough slog’ hike to a cypress dome.”Airboat rides feel less bliste …

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