The Conversation: Why some people think fascism is the greatest expression of democracy ever invented

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Stock Market

Warnings that leaders like Donald Trump hold a dagger at the throat of democracy have evoked a sense of befuddlement among moderates. How can so many Republicans—voters, once reasonable-sounding officeholders and the new breed of activists who claim to be superpatriots committed to democracy—be acting like willing enablers of democracy’s destruction? As a political philosopher, I spend a lot of time studying those who believe in authoritarian, totalitarian and other repressive forms of government, on both the right and the left. Some of these figures don’t identify themselves as fascists, but they share important similarities in their ways of thinking.

“ The leader is supposed to be an extraordinary figure, larger than life. These are the true hallmarks of a leader, one who embodies the will of the people: intense feeling expressed by supporters, large rallies, loyal followers, the consistent ability to demonstrate freedom from the norms that govern ordinary people …

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