The world population reaches 8 billion, posing challenges for climate change – NPR

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Climate Change

The world population reached 8 billion on Tuesday, according to the UN. It credits advances in public health and nutrition. But the milestone also poses challenges for coping with climate change.

Today, a baby was born whose arrival signifies something about our planet, the birth of its 8 billionth resident. The United Nations is celebrating today as the day of 8 billion, the first time the global population has hit that mark. Humans are living longer because of advances in public health and nutrition, but they’re also putting an unprecedented strain on our planet. We’re going to go now to what may soon become the world’s most populous country, India. Our correspondent Lauren Frayer is based in the biggest city there, Mumbai. Hey, Lauren.
CHANG: So where was that baby born today?
FRAYER: So it’s impossible to know. It’s kind of a symbolic thing. But experts say that baby, he or she, is likely born today in the global south, probably in a city like where I am. I’m in a city of many more than 20 million people – we don’t actually know – Mumbai. You might hear the cacophony of traffic behind me. And cities like mine are becoming the norm in places like India. India has had the biggest population growth in real numbers. Next year, it will overtake China or is forecast to do this as the w …

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