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by | Nov 22, 2022 | Business

Sustainability is a major priority in today’s economy. As stakeholder pressures rise and regulations increase, such as with SEC reporting, EU Taxonomy, or plastic tax regulations, the topic of sustainability secures its place on the CEO’s agenda. How can technology support this ever-changing global economy and, in turn, meet the surmounting stakeholder demands?
With the complex challenge of sustainable business transformation at hand, businesses are being observed under a magnifying glass to present accurate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measurements against global standards organizations and check Scope 3 Emissions, circularity, and ethical practices of trading partners throughout the entire supply and value chain.
SAP sees this challenge as an opportunity to help businesses take on corporate accountability in a genuine way. SAP solutions can provide needed insights, backed by data and process-enabled technology, to help businesses see in a granular view where they can reduce their carbon footprint, optimize resources, and drive social responsibility.
Record Actuals, Not Averages, Across Value Chains
There are three key steps when it comes to taking on this challenge of sustainable business transformation. The first is to record actuals across value chains, not averages.
“In the old world, it was good enough to know data within your own four walls. Now, in the new world, it’s beginning to move out of the four walls and into your supply chain,” said Jim Sullivan, head of Sustainability Product Managemen …

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