Toho plans to release a new Japanese Godzilla film next year as the monster’s audience grows

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Business

A real-scale head of Godzilla is displayed at the balcony of the commercial complex as a new Tokyo landmark during its unveiling at Kabukicho shopping and amusement district in Tokyo April 9, 2015.Issei Kato | ReutersThe King of the Monsters still reigns in Japan — and most other places.Godzilla’s grasp on fans and pop culture began 68 years ago, but the radioactive mega lizard’s influence on global audiences has been growing due to recent box office successes and increasing access on streaming services. To capitalize on this moment, Toho, the Japanese film studio that owns the monster and licenses it to Legendary in the U.S., said it will produce a new Godzilla film a year from Thursday, the anniversary of the monster’s first film. The untitled movie, which will first be released in Japan and then later to the United States and other markets, will be Toho’s first since “Shin Godzilla” in 2016. Toho has released few details about the new film, other than Takashi Yamazaki — a prolific filmmaker who worked on visual effects for “Shin Godzilla” — will direct the movie. “Godzilla’s long history has shaped the world of pop culture and monster fandom for nearly 70 years,” said Lora Cohn, managing director of Toho International, the L.A.-based subsidiary of film, theater production and distribution company Toho.Toho tweeted a teaser poster of the upcoming movie with its release date late Wednesday evening.The new film comes as global audiences have more access to Godzilla content than ever before thanks to deep libraries of movies and TV series on streaming services. The r …

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