U.S. workers have wasted millions of hours applying to jobs with the wrong salary—how to avoid it – CNBC

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Jobs

New York City is the latest city to require employers to list salary ranges on their job postings, joining states like Colorado and California, and cities like Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio that have passed or enacted similar laws. However, the majority of states still haven’t risen to the occasion, and as the call for pay transparency continues, job seekers have started taking matters into their own hands by rejecting offers.More than half (54%) of job seekers have flat-out declined a job offer after they found out the salary according to Adzuna, a job search engine, which recently surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults who have looked for a job at least once over the last five years.Furthermore, Adzuna found that job seekers wasted ample time applying for roles that ended up not meeting their salary goals.”Our survey showed that over the last five years alone, U.S. workers have wasted over 480 million hours applying for jobs with the wrong salary,” says Paul Lewis, chief marketing officer at Adzuna. Before you reject your next job offer, here’s how you can advocate for yourself during the interview process and how to better navigate job postings to meet your needs.Do your researchIf you’re a job seeker vying for a role where the salary range isn’t public, Lewis advises that you do your research and find the base pay for the job before talking to the hiring manager. This helps you have a realistic expectation of what your salary could be.”Learn about the role first so you’ve got a good understanding of what should be on the table before stepping into that conversation about pay,” …

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