Unity integrates Tezos blockchain into game engine

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Technology

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Unity has integrated a verified Web3 software development kit (SDK) built for the Tezos blockchain on the Unity Asset Store.

The announcement marks the first blockchain SDK co-developed with Unity in a new initiative to cultivate Web3 game development.

The Tezos SDK gives game developers a path to focus on Web3 gaming with a complete kit that empowers them to do things like connect to a Tezos blockchain wallet.

Using the wallet-pairing feature of the SDK, developers can allow users to authenticate using their Tezos blockchain credentials. Players can securely authenticate themselves in a game, sign blockchain transactions, gain access to all on-chain assets, and use cryptocurrency to purchase services, features, or in-game assets, Tezos said.

The SDK also enables game developers to capture data on the Tezos blockchain, such as checking which features of the game or in-game assets the user owns. Importantly, users can manage the storage of their assets via smart contracts or call off-chain views, creating access to any data stored in the blockchain.

And the SDK enables developers to call smart contracts. Games will be able to generate calls to Tezos smart contracts, to be signed by the user, which open the limitless possibilities of smart contracts on Tezos. From simple transactions such as purchasing extra features using c …

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