Voters Protected Abortion Care In Every State Where It Was On The Ballot

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Politics

In five states, abortion rights were on the ballot Tuesday. In all five, it appears that voters rejected anti-abortion policies. In Vermont, California, Michigan and Kentucky, voters elected to protect reproductive rights in their communities through ballot initiatives that sought to either defend or restrict abortion care. Three initiatives — in Vermont, California and Michigan — incorporated reproductive freedom into the states’ constitutions, while a fourth, in Kentucky, was an anti-abortion amendment that would have codified that the state does not recognize a right to abortion.AdvertisementResults in Montana have not been certified yet, but voters appear poised to reject a referendum titled Require Care for Infants Born Alive, a misleading anti-abortion measure that would create more barriers to health care. As of Wednesday afternoon, the measure was losing by nearly 5 points with 86% of the vote reported.“Yesterday, abortion access proved to be a winning issue across the country,” Kimberly Inez McGuire, the executive director at Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, a national reproductive justice group, said in a Wednesday statement. “By enshrining abortion rights into state constitutions in Vermont, California, and Michigan for the very first time, voters succeeded where the Supreme Court failed,” she continued. “Ballot initiatives and candidates alike that promised to protect abortion overwhelmingly won, including in red and purple states.”And the ballot initiatives weren’t the only place where abortion protections prevailed. Abortion-rights advocates claimed victories in critical gubernatorial and senate races, such as those in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Mexico, as well as the North Carolina legislature. Abortion-rights supporters may see even more wins as states continue to count votes. Advertisement“Yesterday, abortion access proved to be a winning issue across the country.”- Kimberly Inez McGuire, Unite for Reproductive & Gender EquityVermont’s Proposal 5, or the Right to Personal Reproductive Autonomy Amendment, was the first result called early Tuesday night, winning over 77% of the state vote. California came next, with Proposition 1 also winning handily with 65% of the vote.And then Michigan’s constitutional amendment passed with 56% of the state …

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