We are on the cusp of a data revolution

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Technology

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In 2006, British mathematician and entrepreneur Clive Humby said, “Data is the new oil.” The Economist furthered that comparison between the economy that has risen around data and the oil industry in a 2017 article. 

Comparing data to something valuable and coveted all over the world, such as oil, or even gold, helps people understand just how much of a commodity data has become, but it’s also important to remember that data is its own thing and must be approached with a different mindset. Fortunately, there are some changes on the horizon that will make personal data more collaborative and consistent. This will benefit individuals and large corporations alike.

Better data management can reduce the stress caused by change

Historically, individuals in the US have changed jobs more than 12 times in their lifetime. With the recent rise of remote work opportunities and the emergence of new industries, that number is only bound to increase. 

One of the major stressors of changing jobs is all of the information that must be sent from job candidates to employers. It can be time-consuming to find and submit information that isn’t consolidated in one place. It can be equally stressful waiting for that information to be checked and verified by the screener. 

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