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by | Nov 20, 2022 | Jobs

Just this week, hundreds of employees in high-tech companies in Israel were laid off, joining the thousands who have been laid off in recent months. The uncertainty regarding the economy and the situation in the markets also caused half of the startups in Israel to freeze recruitment. But despite the storm outside, its seems to be business as usual on job search websites. This also seems to be the case in some of the companies that announced layoffs.Job seekers these days are increasingly encountering ‘ghost’ jobs. Jobs that look real, that are advertised on the various job platforms – but that don’t really exist. One job seeker shared on Facebook that after submitting her resume, she received a generic rejection email within minutes, which made her feel like the company didn’t even consider her application even though she thought she was the right fit for the job. Could it be that she applied for a job that simply doesn’t exist? That the company posted a job even though it has none to offer?1 View gallery Help Wanted sign (Getty Images )There are companies that do this. Companies that want to convey that they are still growing, that everything is normal and that recruitment has not stopped, so they continue to advertise jobs even if there are none in the company. Others really tried to recruit for a real position but leave the ad even after the position has been filled or they have frozen the recruitment for it.”There are companies that leave the ads for the sake of visibility and also to accumulate candidates for the next bubble,” says Ruth Levi Shimhoni, a headhunter and lecturer in the field of employment. “It really depends to whom this presentation is intended, whether internally or externally – to the candidates and the market in general or internally as well. There are companies that behave fairly and inform the employees about cutbacks and streamlining and accordingly deal with the implications. There are other companies for whom it is important to convey business as usual to the employees as well.”Usually those who advertise such ghost jobs are placement companies who do this in order to accumulate a pool of candidates. It could also be that the position existed and has been filled, but the placement companies are leaving it open in order to continue receiving resumes that will be used in the future.On the part of the candidates who send resumes for these jobs and do not receive a response or receive a negative response within a few minutes or hours, this can be a very frustrating experience.”Even though it’s very common, in my opinion, from a human point of view, advertising jobs that don’t exist is not helpful, because people send resumes and there are people who also hire paid consultants too and really ‘work at it’ …

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