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by | Nov 10, 2022 | Education

I have now read several pieces in different publications speculating about what the results of the midterm elections “mean” for higher education, and all the speculation seems perfectly reasonable.Here’s my answer to question of what the midterm results mean for higher education: I don’t know.
I want to suggest that this should be everyone’s answer among those who work in higher education, because spending any substantive time trying to game out the future is not only a waste of time, because the future is impossible to predict, but also because it’s irrelevant to what higher education institutions should be doing.
Here’s why: punditry attempting to predict the future is a waste of time when you have an institution that has an actual mission to execute.
This is my strategic advice to higher education institutions: execute the mission and let the chips fall. If you are good at your mission, the chips stand a better chance of falling favorably.
Teach students, do research. Focus on helping the stakeholders and constituents who intersect with the university realize their hopes and dreams. Empower your staff to do their work. Give people in supervisory positions the time and resources necessary to aid the people who report to them.
Please understand, this is not advice to collectively stick o …

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