Where CISOs are getting quick zero-trust wins today to save tomorrow’s budgets

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Technology

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To shield their budgets from further cuts, CISOs are going after quick wins to prove the value of spending on zero trust. It’s clear tech stacks need to be consolidated and strengthened to protect multicloud infrastructure and get endpoint sprawl under control. The more complex and legacy-based the infrastructure, the longer it can take to get a zero-trust win. 

Using third-party data as guardrails 

Showing how spending on zero trust protects revenue is a common strategy supported by guardrails, or upper- and lower-limit spending ranges validated using third-party research firms’ data. CISOs quote Gartner, Forrester and IDC data when defining the absolute lowest their spending can go, hoping to protect their budgets. Forrester’s 2023 Security and Risk Planning guide is one of the sources CISOs rely on to define guardrails and defend their spending.

The planning guide shows that on-premises spending in data-loss prevention (DLP), security user behavior analytics, and standalone secure web gateways (SWG) is dropping, giving CISOs the data they need to shift spending to cloud-based platforms that consolidate these features. 

Where CISOs are finding quick wins

Security and IT teams are working overtime to get quick wins and protect their budgets before the end of the year. Saving their budgets will provide funding for new automated apps and tools that will help them scale and get in control of security more next year. Many realize that if they can show results from baseline zero-trust projects, the larger and more complex projects like microsegmentation and software supply chain security will stay funded. 

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