Why the updated ISO 27001 standard matters to every business’ security

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Technology

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On the morning of August 4, 2022, Advanced, a supplier for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), was hit by a major cyberattack. Key services including NHS 111 (the NHS’s 24/7 health helpline) and urgent treatment centers were taken offline, causing widespread disruption. This attack served as a brutal reminder of what can happen without a standardized set of controls in place. To protect themselves, organizations should look to ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized Information Security Management System standard. It was first published in 2005 to help businesses implement and maintain a solid information security framework for managing risks such as cyberattacks, data leaks and theft. As of October 25, 2022, it has been updated in several important ways.

The standard is made up of a set of clauses (clauses 4 through 10) that define the management system, and Annex A which defines a set of controls. The clauses include risk management, scope and information security policy, while Annex A’s controls include patch management, antivirus and access control. It’s worth noting that not all of the controls are mandatory; businesses can choose to use those that suit them best.

Why is ISO 27001 being updated?

It’s been nine years since the standard was last updated, and in that time, the technology world has changed in profound ways. New technologies have grown to dominate the industry, and this has certainly left its mark on the cybersecurity landscape. 

Intelligent Securit …

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