Woke goes to die over education at the ballot box – Fox News

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Education

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Donald Trump’s announcement that he will seek the White House in 2024 serves as a timely reminder that, while many of the high-profile candidates he endorsed in 2022’s midterms performed below expectations, the policies he embraced as a candidate and as president, particularly relating to education freedom and parental rights, have proven enormously popular among the millions of Americans who disagree with the direction the country is heading but previously felt no affinity with the Republican Party. Candidates in the midterm elections who recognized the turning of the tide in voter sentiment toward putting parents in control of their children’s learning and future thus rode what one might call the red wave of parent-centered policy that gained momentum under Trump and that will continue to break in favor of conservatives.In July, Randi Weingarten’s American Federation of Teachers published the results of a poll the union commissioned showing that a sample of voters in key swing states trust Republicans more than Democrats on education issues. These survey results represent a sea change from how Republicans have performed in such polls in the past, shattering the double-digit leads Democrats have enjoyed on education issues over the past few decades.Conservative gubernatorial candidates with a track record of promoting policies putting parents at the center of decisions about their children’s educatio …

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