Congress Offers $1 Billion for Climate Aid, Falling Short of Biden’s Pledge – The New York Times

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Climate Change

WASHINGTON — Congress has proposed $1 billion to help poor countries cope with climate change, a figure that falls significantly short of President Biden’s promise that the United States will spend $11.4 billion annually by 2024 to ensure developing nations can transition to clean energy and adapt to a warming planet.The money is part of a sprawling $1.7 trillion government spending package that lawmakers made public early Tuesday and are expected to vote on this week.Democrats had sought $3.4 billion for various global climate programs but Republicans quashed what they called “radical environmental and climate policies” in the spending bill. The Republicans are poised to assume control of the House in January, further dimming prospects for additional climate funds for at least the next two years.The setback for Mr. Biden comes a month after he appeared at the United Nations climate talks in Egypt, where he promised to deliver financial help to developing nations that are suffering from the impacts of a climate crisis for which they are ill-prepared and did little to cause.“The climate crisis is hitting hardest those countries and communities that have the fewest resources to respond and to recover,” Mr. Biden told the gathering.The Biden Administration’s Environmental AgendaClimate Adaptation Policy: The Interior Department is giving money to Native American tribes to help them relocate away from areas that are vulnerable to climate change, potentially creating a model for other communities around the country.Establishing Safeguards: The Biden administration is working to avoid waste and abuse in the delivery of $370 billion in new federal subsidies for electric vehicles and other clean energy technologies.Divided Government: The Democrats’ strong showing in the 2022 m …

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