Crypto: Donald Trump’s NFT collection sells out within first day of launch

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Stock Market

Donald Trump launched a collection of 45,000 nonfungible token trading cards Thursday, at a price of $99 each. In less than 24 hours, the collection sold out, according to OpenSea data. There are 14,666 owners in total, with around 64% of them owning only 1 item. The biggest holder had 1,000 items. The second biggest holder owned 489 items (though this number was fluctuating Friday morning).

According to the data, the collection’s trading volume is about 900 ETH or $1.08 million. The floor price, which is the lowest price in a collection, is 0.19 ETH or $226 dollars, more than double the original $99 it sold for. Some cards are selling for much higher prices, with one card at around $24,000. Trump announced the launch of his NFT collection on Truth SocialThursday, stating that they would “make a great Christmas gift.” He added that “they will be gone, I believe, very quickly.” Buying a Trump NFT enters the owner into a raffle to win prizes, including a one-on-one trip to meet Trump. The Margin: Trump NFTs are the ‘big announcement’ promised by the former president — and they’re drawing strong reactions In the FAQ section of — the website where the NFTs are sold — it states that the sale of these items won’t be used to support Trump’s re-election campaign. It is unclear what Trump plans to do with the money made f …

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