Economics council issues mid-term report – World Health Organization

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Financial

The WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All has issued a report on its activities at the one-year mark, half-way through its mandate.The Council set out to rethink economic systems in a way that would move the world towards Health for All and the Report highlights how, with this in mind, through the first year, the main activity has been to issue four foundational briefs that assess the ability of the current global and national health architecture to deliver health for all across four key pillars — what we value and measure, how we finance (or not) what we value, the approach to catalyze innovation and who reaps (or not) its benefits, and the importance of in-house state capacity in delivering common goods.In its brief, Valuing Health for All: Rethinking and building a whole-of-society approach, offers evidence detailing the hollowness and dangers of relying on GDP as our primary measure of well-being and basis for policy-making. It proposes a rethinking of value along three dimensions. First, we must value planetary health, including essential common goods such as clean water, clean air and a stable climate that respects planetary and local ecological boundaries. Second, we must value the diverse social foundations and activities that promote equity, including social cohesion, supporting people in need, and enabling communities to thrive. Third, our policies and metrics to evaluate progress must value human health and well-being, with every person a …

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