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by | Dec 7, 2022 | Jobs

An associate professor of political science at Indiana University at Bloomington told graduate students that he can’t serve as the department’s job-placement director any longer, as he refuses to participate in the “official department charade.”“Dear graduate students,” the professor, Abdulkader Sinno, emailed students, “I’m resigning because I don’t want to be complicit in keeping you in a Ph.D. program that doesn’t help your advancement. The department needs graduate students to cheaply teach or assist in teaching its undergraduate students, and for faculty to keep claiming that we have a serious Ph.D. program. I just don’t believe that you should pay for their needs with your livelihood.”
Faculty members, Sinno continued, “are perpetuating the myth that a Ph.D. from a modest department like ours can be reliable a reliable route to middle-class life. It is not anymore.”
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Warning of a looming recession that could further contract the poor faculty job market, Sinno urged students who maintain hope for faculty jobs to “transfer to a top-15 department to improve your odds of having a fulfilling academic career by an order of magnitude.”
He also described a former student who left the program with a master’s degree who is now making six figures at a tech firm, saying, “There are of course some situations where a Ph.D. from our department could help your advancement. If you have a job guarantee guaranteed in your country of origin, or if …

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