: ‘I don’t need the money anymore. If I like a project, I do it.’ Seniors find satisfaction in self-employment

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Stock Market

We’re living longer, on average, and it’s among the greatest achievements of the past century and more. In “A Long Bright Future,” Laura Carstensen, founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, called on society “to encourage” those 65 years and older to “continue working in ways that best suit them.” She emphasized the economic and individual benefits that could come from creating work paths and options with improved life expectancy that “makes use of long-practiced job skills, yet makes work increasingly less physically demanding and time intensive.”

Read: This one great idea can make everyone better with money, older Americans say Society’s major institutions haven’t exactly raced to embrace her suggestion issued in 2009, at least not yet. But millions upon millions of experienced workers and aging entrepreneurs have been experimenting with different ways to continue using their accumulated work skills and knowledge. Planning on finding meaningful work during the traditional retirement years rather than focusing on when to leave the workplace behind requires a different mental framing. Instead of calculating your date of retirement with an emphasis on finances, the key question to investigate is “what kind of work will I do next that will give me purpose?” “It’s another chapter,” says Dave Dickinson, age 67, a life sciences executive based in Boston. “It’s about the next step.” An increasingly popular choice among exp …

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