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by | Dec 14, 2022 | Financial

Brittany Griner having to play professional basketball in Russia to make a great living was not a matter of pay equity. It was a matter of economics, of supply and demand, purely and simply.I’m a fan of women’s basketball. I watch it on television. I’ve gone to many women’s college and high school games. When I was officiating high school basketball in the Imperial Valley, I preferred calling girls’ games. Most of the better local coaches coached girls, and whereas the boys mostly ran sloppy fast breaks and fired up ill-advised threes, the girls in the Valley, for the most part, played sensible, intelligent basketball.I’m in the minority in this country regarding women’s basketball, though. The men’s game is much preferred.So when news commentators, including some I generally respect, insisted Griner, a star player in the Women’s National Basketball Association, should have been paid as much as NBA star such as LeBron James and not had to play in Russia to supplement her income, I screamed at the TV, “Who’s going to pay that salary, and how?” And I do scream every time I hear that nonsense. You can ask my wife.WNBA games draw smaller audiences, bo …

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