Living With Climate Change: Climate change turns younger people against having kids. What happens when they’re asked about adoption?

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Stock Market

Climate change has made some young Americans contemplating parenthood reluctant to add to the population. But a new survey shows the same group also has its doubts about adoption. The attitudes toward adoption — with the global population likely crossing the 8 billion threshold in mid-November, according to a United Nations projection — pose their own challenges in a hotter, drier world that risks widening economic inequality.

The upward population trend threatens to leave even more people, especially in developing countries, further behind as governments struggle to provide enough classrooms and jobs for a rapidly growing number of youth, and food insecurity becomes an increasingly urgent problem, the U.N. said of its population figures. A new poll of American 18- to 45-year-olds by ABC News and market-research firm Ipsos released this week found that this group has major concerns about climate change and its impact on the next generation. In fact, almost a quarter of this cohort say climate change has made them reconsider having a child in the future. The same survey revealed that only one in 10 say climate change has made them consider adoption instead of having a biological child. Read: Face of climate-change protest Greta Thunberg joins lawsuit against Sweden This graphic offers a snapshot of the thinking among Gen Z and millennial respondents, including how their opinions change depending on education …

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