Looming risk of a new coronavirus variant as 2022 ends, health experts warn – 9News

by | Dec 31, 2022 | COVID-19

As the world enters a new year, many public health and infectious disease experts predict that monitoring for new Answers to the most commonly Googled questions about COVID-19More spread, more variantsConstant spread of a virus is what can lead to the emergence of variants. The more a virus spreads, the more it mutates.”For a variant to emerge – and this is true not only for COVID, but for influenza and for a lot of other viruses – the most critical thing is, the more cases that you have, the more likely that the virus will start to accumulate mutations that might have the ability to evade immunity more effectively or to transmit more effectively,” Pekosz said.”So when you have a situation like what’s starting to turn out in China, where you’re going to have millions upon millions of infections, every one of those infections is just one additional opportunity for the virus to pick up a random mutation that might make it better at infecting people,” he said.Passengers in protective gear are directed to a flight at a Capital airport terminal in Beijing, Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022. Some Chinese universities say they will allow students to finish the semester from home in hopes of reducing the potential of a bigger COVID-19 outbreak during the January Lunar New Year travel rush. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)”Combine that with the fact that the Chinese population has been using less-than-optimal vaccines and has apparently not been as good about putting boosters into their population as other countries have, that means that there’s probably a lower amount of immunity in the population.”Health authorities in China have “noticeably increased” the number of coronavirus genome sequences and …

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