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Take a moment to Google the phrase “are we returning to the office” and set a filter for the past year on this search. What you’ll end up reading is a seesaw of “will we, won’t we” pieces reflecting the state of the workplace as it has varied throughout the year.
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Some pieces reflect upon the formal announcement President Biden made in March 2022 urging Americans to return to in-person work. However, another spike in U.S. COVID cases in May 2022 largely buried this announcement. To date, there has yet to be statistical evidence of a widespread return to the office environment

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Endless articles about remote work and declarations about how the shift is here to stay were also published in 2022. But, to some extent, it would appear some remote roles are disappearing. In their place are suggested hybrid positions: where new hires may work from home a few days but be required to come into a physical office at least two, or more, days each week.
Does this mean remote work is coming to an end and we’ll need to be back in the office again? Let’s examine the situation.
Are Remote Jobs Really Disappearing?
The short answer to this question is yes — remote positions did experience a dip in 2022.
On December 6, 2022, LinkedIn published its roundup of “41 Big Ideas That Will Change Our World In 2023.” A similar list of 29 ideas was published by LinkedIn in 2021. Surprisingly, the list did not mention much by way of working from home other than to say both hybrid and remote work were prolifi …

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