: Sports bettor will turn $26 into $557,770 if France beats Argentina in World Cup final

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Stock Market

Argentina and Lionel Messi will square off against France and Kylian Mbappé on Sunday in the title match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. One gambler hopes that France can pull out a victory — not because he’s a fan of the team or country, but because he will take home a serious payout.

After winning six consecutive bets in his parlay wager, a bettor named Daniel Forte is set to win a whopping $557,770 if France wins on Sunday, according to bet slips posted by Bleacher Report. Parlays combine multiple bets into a single wager, with a win needed for each bet in order for the overall wager to be considered a win. This way, each win inside a parlay garners a higher payout than if a bettor placed all those wagers separately. As part of this parlay, which can been seen below, Forte also bet on the Golden State Warriors to win the 2022 NBA Championship, the Colorado Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup and Kansas to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

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