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by | Dec 6, 2022 | Financial

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Experts agree that the transportation sector needs to be a key target of any effort to decarbonize the global economy. Nicolas Peltier-Thiberge, the Global Director for the Transport Sector in the Infrastructure Practice Group of the World Bank, joins the show to talk about a report the bank recently released that analyses the economics of electric vehicles for passenger travel.
When most people think of EVs these days, they might think of a Telsa, a Rivian or perhaps a Ford F-150 Lightning.  The truth is, the menu of electric vehicles is expanding rapidly. But most of those EVs zoom around roads and cities in places like the US, Europe and China. This report produced by Nicolas and the rest of the team at the World Bank focuses on the roll an electric vehicle build out can play in low- and middle-income countries — countries where the majority of miles traveled are traveled on two-wheel vehicles, three wheel vehicles or buses.
The report offers fascinating insights about the transportation and energy policies that can be leveraged to decarbonize this massive sector of the global economy.

Key highlights

2:23 – Purpose of the World Bank report
6:51 – Key findings from the report

10:40 – Transportation policy implications

13:01 – Innovative programs to overcome financial hurdles

18:25 – Energy policy implications

20:26 – Misguided EV incentives*

24:51 – Public and private sector interaction

26:26 – Nicolas’ key takeaways from attending COP27

29:20 – Bold predictions

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The Report: The Economics of Electric Vehicles for Passenger Transportation

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