The Escape Home: Thinking of buying a vacation home in the Caribbean? Check out these Islands

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Stock Market

This article is reprinted by permission from The Escape Home, a newsletter for second homeowners and those who want to be. Subscribe here. © 2022. All rights reserved.  The Caribbean has long been one of the most popular vacation destinations for Americans seeking sun and surf. The clear blue water, a comfortable laid-back lifestyle and stunning scenery are major attractions.  

But the Caribbean is also known for hurricanes, which are a constant worry. As hurricane activity has become more intense in recent years, some are questioning whether it makes sense to purchase a vacation home in a region where property can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. The Caribbean includes 13 island countries, from Cuba in the north to Trinidad in the south. The region also includes several counties in Central and South America that have coastline on the Caribbean Sea, such as Belize and Costa Rica. But not all of these countries are vulnerable to hurricane activity. Like with all things in the world of real estate, it’s all about location. The Hurricane Belt Typically, hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean, the northern part of the Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico. The storms then travel further north or west, hitting the West Indies and parts of the U.S., especially the East Coast. Most vulnerable are Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, the Cayman Islands and of course, Florida. Hurricanes rarely travel to the southern portion of the Caribbean.  “When you get really far south, let’s say very close to the equator….you don’t have enough of that force to essentially give good ro …

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