The Moneyist: ‘I don’t just want to survive — I want to thrive’: I’m 29, work part-time, and left a 15-year abusive relationship. How do I get back on my feet financially?

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, I’m 29 and I have just left a 15-plus-year abusive situation with zero dollars to my name and no meaningful resumé. My mother and I have no support network. What do I do to ensure we can succeed in life? I don’t just want to survive — I want to thrive.

I hope you might be able to help. When I read your advice column and saw that you had answered a question from someone my age living with their mother in a mobile home and working on their future, I saw someone like myself, albeit someone much, much closer to their goals, and I felt heartened.  Our family abused and betrayed us in various ways, and my mother and I have no family or support network outside of each other. I have felt fearful over our prospects for a while, without an idea of where to go next. Neither of us has any money at all (it was stolen and, at one point, my mother was defrauded in an all-too-common scam).

“‘I want to have the ability to retire, something my generation has often given up on.’”

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