The Moneyist: ‘Who should get my mother’s diamonds?’ My late sister left them to her son’s wife. I pleaded with my nephew, but he won’t budge. What options do I have?

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, By the time I was 19, both of my parents had passed away. My mom died from heart disease and my dad died two years later from lung cancer. My sister and I were quite close, but her alcoholic husband was always “stirring the pot” and for that reason I distanced myself. I regret this because I never became as close to my godson that I had hoped. 

My sister’s husband took his own life, which brought my sister and I much closer again, but it was too late for me and my only nephew and first of three godchildren. He was grown and married and it appeared that he had been brainwashed with unsavory lies told to him by his father. He is now married, and by fate or choice, he does not have any children.  In February 2019, my husband passed away, and I lost my sister in December 2019. I was given my sister’s car, and my nephew was gracious enough to offer me anything in the house that I wanted. My sister bought and lived in our childhood …

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